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Carpet Cleaners (or injection/extraction carpet cleaners) for Persian carpets are indispensable to preserve the original shine of the colours and the softness of the fibres, which can be compromised by excessive amounts of dirt.

Traditional methods are not enough, especially in the case of very large carpets in hotels and receptive facilities or in places of worship, such as mosques.

Below you will find Elsea tips and machines to clean and preserve Persian carpets effectively.


Carpet Cleaners (or injection/extraction carpet cleaners): the perfect solution for tourism facilities and mosques.


Persian carpets should not be exposed to sunlight or have vases and liquid containers placed on top of them and should not be cleaned using carpet sweepers. Carpet sweepers are particularly damaging to Persian carpets, as they tend to loosen the knots, especially near the fringes and edges.

So, how should Persian carpets be cleaned?

Carpets in hotels, mosques and receptive facilities need to be cleaned often, as visitors and worshippers constantly walking over them cause them to accumulate a lot of dirt and dust.

In these contexts, carpet cleaners (or injector/extractor carpet cleaners) for Persian carpets are the best solution. The best option is to choose a machine that does not have high-speed circular brushes, because they may break the fibres and loosen the carpet's knots.

Obviously, usage causes colours to fade and affects the carpet's softness. Simply vacuuming dirt is not sufficient.

Carpets must be washed to eliminate any stains and restore the softness of the fibres, stiffened by accumulated dirt.


Normally, vacuuming and washing are two separate operations that take place in two different steps. As carpets are delicate, the task of cleaning them with detergents is normally carried out by professionals who also use products against moths. This is the correct procedure, however it has a disadvantage. Relying on external services often can mean long waits. What are the consequences? Carpets are not cleaned as often as they should be.

When cleaning Persian carpets, to avoid separating the two steps (vacuuming and cleaning) you can use an extractor. This is a vacuum cleaner for Persian carpets equipped with a water and detergent injector. This type of machine can do both things: vacuum dirt and wash the carpet.


Carpet Cleaners for Persian carpets: Elsea extractors


Elsea has created an entire range of carpet cleaning extractors with a tank for water and for detergent, dust and dirt extractor filters and water and detergent injectors.

These carpet cleaners guarantee the total removal of dirt deposits and detergent residues, without leaving traces. Additionally, these machines can be used with anti-moth detergents.

Elsea offers four models of carpet extractors with different technical characteristics:


-ESTRO 125: extractor for carpets, armchairs and floors, with 8-litre tank

-ESTRO 250/330: extractor available with two or three stage motors and 20-litre tank

-ESTRO HOTWAVE 250: two stage motor extractor with a 20-litre tank; operates at a maximum temperature of 90 degrees (30 degrees for continuous use)

-HOT POSEIDON: extractor with a 30-litre tank; operates continuously with hot water at a temperature of 90 degrees


For further information on the advantages of carpet cleaners (or injection/extraction carpet cleaners) for Persian carpets, please send your request via email using the form provided here.

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