In order to keep the performance level of a professional vacuum cleaner always high it is required to provide an ordinary maintenance and a constant cleaning.

Time of maintenance depends on how often the vacuum cleaner works. If it is used several times per day, it is recommended a daily maintenance of  every single part. There are some procedures that must be followed at the end of every cleaning session.

Tips for cleaning industrial vacuum cleaners 

Filters are one of the main parts of a vacuum cleaner and must always be perfectly clean. The ideal solution would be to use another vacuum cleaner, moving the brush from the top to the bottom. It is also recommended not to clean filters with the compressor because it can enlarge the polyester meshes.

The models provided with automatic filter shaker work through a system of self-cleaning of the filter, improving the suction effectiveness of the machine and reducing maintenance time and costs.

In case of non-automatic filter shaker, it is necessary to activate it at the end of every suction session.

Finally, the integrity of a filter must be periodically  verified.

Useful tips for ordinary maintenance of industrial vacuum cleaners 

In order to keep clean a professional vacuum cleaner and always keep it perfectly functioning there are some rules that must be followed to avoid every kind of mistake or problem. Taking these simple measures extends the life of the machine, making the vacuum cleaner become an efficient work partner during the years.

The average life of a vacuum cleaner without automatic filter shaker can be extended by 30-35% following these tips:

-Activate the filter-shaker (if provided) after every cleaning session. If the filter is blocked, the machine loses pressure and becomes less The dust inside the vacuum cleaner could damage the engine.

-Periodically check the integrity of the filter. If any hole, cut or malfunction is found, then change the filter.

-Clean the filter from residues. Fabric filters can be washed with water and detergent. When the vacuum cleaner is working, the filter must be always perfectly dry.-Do not excessively curve the hose in order to avoid eventual loss of pressure.

-Be careful not to block the hose during suction procedures.

-Periodically check the integrity of the filter and remove possible residues.

-Verify wheels conditions, especially if the machine is used in areas with dusts and heavy material wastes.

-Check seals condition regularly. This is a very important and simple measure because if the seal is worn, the vacuum cleaner can have possible leaks.

-Be aware in choosing the suitable features for every specific cleaning process.

-After every usage, always place the vacuum cleaner in a clean area.

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